There are only 2 rules when it comes to the choice of your warrior challenge:

#1: It has to be an outdoor adventure to allow you to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level. Exercising in nature has a multitude of benefits for our physical and mental health.

#2: It must challenge you physically and mentally in order for it to deeply change you and empower you as a leader.

You may come to the program with a clear idea of what you want your warrior challenge to be or you may need help to find what is right for you.

Our team members take many factors into consideration when helping you decide what Warrior Challenge will change your life. In your first one-on-one session, our coaches evaluate aspects like your fitness history, your favorite sports and activities, your motivations and your schedule to gain a comprehensive understanding of your relationship with the Warrior Program.

Group of athletes greeting the winner at the finsh line


Have you thought of running a marathon but never believed you could follow through? Let the Warrior Program prove you wrong. Let the warrior program show you what you are capable of. Our team of certified nutrition, fitness and motivation professionals make sure you have an efficient plan of action that you adhere to through the finish line.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve done it before those first few minutes right after you finish a marathon, half, ultra, or 5k are just unreal. Did I really just do that? Yes, you did. You trained your body for weeks and months to be physically capable of doing this crazy thing that very few people have done or can do, and you just freaking did it!

As you cross the finish line you complete your challenge. As you step over the finish line, you know you have done it. You have achieved your goal - the miles you’ve covered are your story now and will forever be part of you. The excitement, happiness and pride in your achievements are constant reminders of what you are capable of.

Note: Our warriors didn’t let covid 19 stop their progress. The major city Marathons and races were canceled so they ran their own courses in parks, forests and state parks - safely and close to home! The training didn’t change and neither did the intense feeling of reaching the finish line.

Woman trekking Mount Everest National Park, Nepal


Everest, Annapurna, the Mongolian steppes, Kilimanjaro - trekking in the most majestic parts of the world transforms you forever. Take it all in from the top of the world. Learn about yourself, unlock your inner potential and keep it with you in your permanent tool box to tackle life’s obstacles. Discover how your physical and mental stamina exceeds your expectations/your preconceived notions of yourself. Allow yourself to gain a renewed focus on your values and cultivate more of your priorities in your life. Your journey will be exciting, fun, moving and life changing.

Come to us with your dream and we will make it a reality. The Warrior Program’s certified coaches and personal trainers make sure you are physically and mentally ready to take on your challenge.

Don’t worry about organizing your trek! Leave it all to the Warrior Program’s trusted team of travel experts to take care of all the planning.

Women leaders, you want to get to know our Warrior Program founder Manon Marchand-Aylsworth better? Join a group of warrior ladies led by Manon on a trekking adventure through Manon’s Escape Hiking for Women agency.



Did Cheryl Strayed (Wild) inspire you to walk along the Pacific Crest Trail? Do you have the urge to explore America’s beautiful wilderness?

The Warrior Program’s founder is a professional hiking guide and we take the unlimited benefits of hiking seriously around here.

As you step directly on the earth (there’s no pavement to act as a barrier out here!) and sleep under the stars, you reconnect with yourself as well as with nature. Forget social media and for us on what really matters; tuning in to your body and mind.

A multi day backpacking trip in the wilderness presents physical and mental challenges. Our experts evaluate the length and level of difficulty that best suits your specific needs in order to match you up with the right path on the trail. They create a tailor-made training program to ensure you are prepared for your trip.

When it comes to organizing your multi-day hike in the USA, the Warrior Program travel experts have everything under control! We’ll point you in the direction of the best spots and take care of all the little details.

These are our type of dates


Paddling down a river and discovering hidden sanctuaries is your idea of the perfect way to connect with nature. Don’t let the daunting task of training for a multi-day kayak trip hold you back.

We work with you to bring your paddling fantasy to fruition. We ensure your body and mind are ready to spend significant time kayaking through Upstate NY, Alaska or Chile...

We’ve got all the details of your kayaking trip covered! Let our travel experts guide you in the direction of the best spots. We’ll take care of organizing your trip so you can focus on preparing for it.

Warrior Package


3 months to become the best version of yourself - physically and mentally

  • Goal setting and personalized action plan
  • Weekly one-on-one online coaching sessions
  • Unlimited support and accountability
  • Real time fitness routine and performance tracking with NASM EDGE app

Warrior Trip Planning Package


You focus on your training, we take care of the rest

  • All the benefits of the Warrior Package PLUS
  • Personalized trip recommendations
  • Access to our network of value-aligned professional guides (U.S. and international )
  • Travel planning and booking by our experienced travel experts