The Team

Manon Marchand

Founder, Head Coach

  • - NY State licensed hiking and camping guide
  • - Wilderness first responder
  • - Certified Life and Wellness coach
  • - Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP)
  • - National Academy of Sports Medicine certified Nutrition Coach (NASM)

Manon grew up in France and has always been passionate about communication and humanitarian causes. She received a Public Relations Masters Degree and a Humanitarian Project Management Bachelor Degree then worked as a Public Relations Director for large nonprofits in Paris. She loved her job and gave it all her time and energy. Without realizing it, she forgot to take care of herself. She didn’t have time to cook (or thought she didn’t have time) so she was eating take away for dinner and at restaurants for business lunches. She didn’t exercise at all.

Her body started to send signals: tense shoulders and back, bloated and painful stomach every morning, difficulty sleeping well and was feeling tired just walking around the block. She gained 50 pounds in a year. She was self-conscious, and progressively lost confidence and inner strength. She had lost all her energy and had trouble feeling happiness and excitement.

At some pivotal moment she decided that she couldn’t continue on this path and decided to take an adventure in India and Nepal to go back to herself. She left Paris for eight months of solo travel and backpacking. There she hiked the legendary Annapurna Base Camp trail in the Himalayas. With no hiking experience and totally out of shape, ten days of intense physical exertion at a 15,000 foot elevation in winter conditions was an experience that changed her life forever.

In the mountains, she discovered untapped physical and mental potential and came back home with renewed self-confidence and a plan to offer the same possibilities to other women. She met her American husband in Nepal and together they moved to NYC where she got her New York State hiking guide license.

In 2016 Manon founded Escape, an outdoors adventures company dedicated to women’s bodies and minds. She is also the CEO of Bonjour Delight LLC, life, career and wellness coaching and the founder of the Warrior Program.

Today Manon is an accomplished coach and a successful entrepreneur. She has learned the hard way to never forget to put herself first even if her life is incredibly busy.

"The well-being of our mind and body are at the origin of our success. Nobody should ever forget that."

Jason Spencer

Head Personal Trainer

  • - Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience
  • - ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • - NSCA Strength Conditioning
  • - Flexibility & Corrective Exercise from Swedish Institute of Health Sciences, NY
  • - Post Rehabilitative Exercise specialization

Jason is an ex collegiate athlete and 15 year professional who has seen clients both commercially and privately out of a variety of clubs and fitness settings throughout NYC and New Jersey. He is experienced in all common fitness objectives with specializations in Full Body Function, Injury Prevention, Corrective Exercise and Strength Conditioning.

Fitness has always brought excitement and confidence to him, especially as he was young. As he became an adult until now it also brings him mental stimulation and gratification of enjoying taking care of himself.

He participated in several sports through the age of 18 but once in college it was strictly football. He played as a running back for his Muhlenberg College team from 2001-2004. This is where he got in his best shape with a lot of power and explosive weightlifting as well as a ton of sprinting.

As a personal trainer he provides top quality service to his clients since the beginning of his career. People he works with have the greatest time challenging themselves and improving the way they feel and look. Jason is passionate about his job, as he gets to inspire people to the greatest prize of strength and self worth.

His NSCA certification prepares him in athletic prescription so this combined with his sports career allows him a particular ability to create training programs in the mold of his Warrior clients' specific physical event.

"Excellence is no coincidence! It is a choice!"

William Gosselin

Head travel expert

William is a tourist expert and entrepreneur located in Switzerland. A 87 000 miles around-the-world bicycle tour 10 years ago changed his life forever. He gives our clients who chose a bicycle adventure as their warrior challenge precious tips and advice.

“It all started when I was a teenager when the idea of travel started to take shape. First of all, it was Alaska and the Yukon that attracted me. Then the idea of a round-the-world bicycle tour germinated in my head. From then on all my energy went into this project: fundraising (while continuing to work, because I struggled finding sponsors), readings, dreams, mental projections ... etc, and this for more than 3 years.

D-day arrived, in summer, just after obtaining my Bachelor in Geography. The journey lasted 13 months, from Switzerland to Dakar at first, then South America, Asia (South East Asia, India and Nepal), then the Middle East (Iran- Turkey), until I came back to my exact starting point.

In total, I have covered almost 87 000 miles through 26 countries.

During this trip I learned to know my limits, both physical and psychological. Psychological first ... After a month of intensive pedaling, in the heart of Morocco, I had what I would call a mini-burn-out. I could no longer motivate myself. I realized one thing: I was not interested anymore in the idea of BEING on this trip but I only was focused on the idea of having done it...

I took a break and when crossing the Sahara, I made up my mind to move away from the plans I had made at home and to just do what I wanted.

This led me to prefer walking and mountaineering in South America. On the flanks of Aconcagua in Argentina, I then discovered my physical limits by confronting the elevation (22890 feet!). At this altitude, I could feel my body struggling to take even one step!

Looking back, I can say that this trip allowed me to get to know myself better and better understand my abilities. It made me want to travel even more, and opened the doors to the world. I went to study in Nepal, then I worked in Thailand and Mongolia.

When I am in Switzerland, I continue to ride my good old bike "The bike with no name" (like “America's The Horse with no name”, a song I used to listen to when I pedaled in the Sahara).”

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”
- Anthony Bourdain