Trip Planning

Go where you feel most alive

Kayak trips, treks, triathlons, true hikes, backpacking weekends, trail run races… we organize everything.

We have probably ventured to the location of your next physical challenge already. Even if our clients haven’t been there before (my, you have an adventurous spirit!) we will be thrilled to plan your life-changing journey (and learn about a new place ourselves!)

Sustainability and responsible tourism are one of our top priorities. Our stateside and worldwide partners have been providing our adventurous warriors with safety, guidance and support for many years.

We select our local and international partners on very precise criterias:

  • A locally owned and founded agency - encouraging/supporting the local economy is very important to us.
  • The agency provides and hires local men and women guides with proper training, fair wages and a feeling of empowerment.
  • They are mindful of local sustainability and respect the environment.
  • They have earned at least 2 Responsible Tourism international rewards over the past 10 years.
  • Their number one priority is safety and they have been accident report free for the past 20 years.

Partner Highlight of the Month


3 Sisters Adventure Trekking - Nepal

For our warriors who want to experience an unforgettable trek in Nepal, Butan, India or Tibet.

The Warrior Program is proud to partner with the women owned Nepali company, 3 Sisters Adventures Trekking.

For 25 years, they have been pioneers and specialized in training and employing female guides and assistants for treks in and around the Himalayas in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. With their groundbreaking approach, they have empowered the women in Nepal to develop their talents and become self-reliant. It is one of the only hiking companies in Nepal that provides a fair salary and adequate equipment for their staff.

3 Sisters Adventure Trekking has received several local, national and international awards, including the WTM 2012, Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Award and Winner of 2008 National Geographic Geo-Tourism Challenge Competition.

Warrior Package


3 months to become the best version of yourself - physically and mentally

  • Goal setting and personalized action plan
  • Weekly one-on-one online coaching sessions
  • Unlimited support and accountability
  • Real time fitness routine and performance tracking with NASM EDGE app

Warrior Trip Planning Package


You focus on your training, we take care of the rest

  • All the benefits of the Warrior Package PLUS
  • Personalized trip recommendations
  • Access to our network of value-aligned professional guides (U.S. and international )
  • Travel planning and booking by our experienced travel experts